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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Female Masturbation Collection \ Tutorial Download (DVD Rip)

female masturbation

Six different women using Deliberate Orgasm while masturbating show what they experience. Observe what is possible and enhance your sex life through the sensual research of these instructors and students. With female orgasm as the model, women and men discover increased sensation and new ways of being in the bedroom. Fun to watch by yourself or with a partner.

Every Womans Orgasm Is Unique
Clitoris The Key To A Womans Pleasure
Pleasures Of A Woman In Orgasm Elle and Denise

The Clitoris has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the body.” As this opening graphic fades, a woman from the Welcomed Consensus enters the bedroom and soon will take you with her to share her intimate experience of masturbation. She gradually will build and extend her orgasm making it possible for the viewer to feel it too. This DVD is highly informational for both men and women as it shows a simple, uncut film of a woman from a low state of arousal to a heightened, extended orgasm with many close-up shots of her genitalia. Filmed in one take, it accurately represents continuous female orgasm. The viewer can witness all of the signs of orgasm in her body, as well as the details of her technique that anyone can use to better their sex lives with their partner. A remarkable film taking female masturbation to a new level of enjoyment.




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