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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Irreversible | Movie Download (Unrated DVD Rip)


WARNING: THIS MOVIE HAS BEEN BANNED in may countries due to its violence and explicit graphic scenes. Be warned, even if you think you know what this movie is about and what your limits in screen violence is, you still won’t be prepared for what a mental hot foot this film is. VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED.
Irreversible is not a film, it’s a machine. A machine built with one purpose and one purpose only: to upset, distress, nauseate, and disturb you. From the queasy camera movements, to the hypnotizing soundtrack, to the reverse narrative, to the violent and disturbing imagery, Irreversible is not a film that you will easily forget.
Though there are only two really sick scenes in the film, (a harrowing, violent, and seemingly never-ending rape, and the infamous fire-extinguisher-bludgeon scene), they are so well done, and so shocking – especially in the context of the story – that we felt compelled to include Irreversible on this list. Rarely has a title been so appropriate; once you have seen this film, you cannot un-see it, and its effect on your will be forever Irreversible.

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